Accumulating information related to the enhancement of accurate structural information based for planning, regular update and analysis. Identifying problems, searching solutions, consorting for making ideal decisions prioritizing the options.

  1. Collecting, regularly updating and analyzing information related to improve structured information which makes the ground for planning. Finding issues in them, finding solutions, listing priorities among the alternatives and assisting to decide the most appropriate solution.
  1. Preparing a medieval provincial development plan with a special economic vision based on precise aims and objectives.
  1. Preparing an easement schedule needed for preparing implementing project proposals that can be implemented utilizing local and foreign funds.
  1. Facilitating for the attendance of private and social organizations in the process of development.
  1. Working for getting the approval for new financial provision and identifying new projects/projects.
  1. Directing, coordinating, and evaluating the benefits of implemented projects/programmes.
  1. Building the planning skills of provincial council institutes implemented in provincial/district and divisional levels.
  1. Coordinating related correspondences with the department of national Plans and the financial commission, for the assistant of making policy and  technical assistance.
  1. Preparing all the planning tasks for obtaining solutions based on the recognized leading necessities and problems related to each component/field in order to enhance the state of living of people and general provincial development by consorting all the ministries, departments and institutes.
  1. Operating future development affairs of each filed/component based on already prepared detailed divisional planning reports related to all the components in the procedure of preparing plans.
  1. In preparing annual programmes the identified work subjects should directly lead to reach the expected objects, expectations and results of Agency Result Frame work and approving, allocating provision should be prioritized in a manner in which the affairs will be useful and productive for the majority.
  1. Being united, working collectively and cooperatively to reach the final objective.
  1. Dividing duties and responsibilities among officers according to an appropriate method, planed development process, establishing relevant establishment structure, provincial plans, and divisional plans. Establishing operational system in implementing active plans in divisional secretariat and rural levels, in a manner of confirming the attendance of the beneficiary.
  1. Doing a constant post investigations and evaluation process.